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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I invite as many users as I want?

Yes. You can invite as many users as you want from your company, during the trial period.

Will I be automatically billed if I don't cancel the free trial?

No. You will only be billed if you sign an agreement with SalesValue during or after your trial.

What access is required to my company account?

The solution ask for access to the following information from your Office 365 or G Suite account

  • User information - your basic information like email, name and phone number
  • File access - access to your personal file share - you can select which folder you want to import and share with your colleagues
  • Access anytime - access so we can keep it updated in the background

Why can't I use my personal Google og Microsoft account?

SalesValue is designed for companies and for collaboration between company team members. SalesValue uses the creditials from the company accounts to identify the users from the same company.

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